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Trafficked – A Short Film screenplay.


Trafficked tells the story of Rose, a repressed and disillusioned housewife, who after discovering a magic mirror, begins a quest to save her estranged sister, Lily, who has become a victim of ‘human trafficking’.

Film rationale.

The rationale behind Trafficked is based on the belief that many traditional folk and fairy tales narratives were originally designed as literary critiques or commentaries on social issues at the time of their creation.   These traditional met-narratives (despite their fantastical or supernatural references) have the ability to appropriate twenty-first century social issues when their archetypal formats and characterizations are transgressed.  Furthermore, by re-writing the traditional fairy tale, ‘Rose Red and Snow White’, into a modern-day narrative, Trafficked acts as a prime example that fairy tale narratives can be used to challenge the exploitation and injustice that is being perpetrated against women in a twenty-first century context.  One of the most insidious forms of twenty-first century exploitation  is ‘human trafficking or sex trafficking’.  As this horrific systematic abuse continues to ravage the globe, there are still countless silent victims who remain trapped, or whose traumatic experiences have left them with no recourse but to re-enter the industry which has destroyed them.

Although Trafficked is a fictional narrative with references to fairy tale motifs, such as the magic mirror, the author has drawn upon factual information which has been gained by intensive research.  Overall, Trafficked is designed to be a provocative film screenplay that raises awareness of human rights abuses, and that it may contribute to the many initiatives that are taking place to combat these injustices.

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