Book Review: Secret Of True Love: Poems from the Heart by The Duke of Quails.

Secret Of True Love: Poems from the Heart Book Cover Secret Of True Love: Poems from the Heart
The Duke of Quails
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback, Kindle

The Secret of True Love: Poems From The Heart by the Duke of Quails is a bold, powerful and insightful collection. The poet invites the reader on a journey into the world of love, an emotion that is so easily misunderstood, and that which remains a mystery. These poems will make you want to cry, smile, and will challenge your perceptions or beliefs of what it means to love.

The poems in the section 'Definition of True Love' provide evocative word pictures that portray the different faces of love: a smiling child, mature-aged love, and complex relationships that require a deeper understanding.

'Love That Hurts' explores the pain and confusion that love can sometimes bring when it is polluted by those who seek to manipulate the powerless and vulnerable. In poems like 'Lies That Aren’t True' and 'Abusive Ways', the poet calls upon the reader to re-evaluate love: that true love is an act of the mind as well as the heart; an action that should always nurture and protect.

The final section, 'Symbols of Love', takes personal and commonplace items, or recreational activities like a scarf, a candle, or listening to a piece of music, which can reawaken a myriad of bitter-sweet memories of love won and lost.

A beautiful and intuitively written collection of poems, Secret of True Love will not only challenge you, but also inspire and captivate.

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