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Unearthed Fiction magazine

Unearthed Fiction magazine is part of The Australia Times, a free, magazine based, non-aligned, grassroots, national online publication. We are a blend of professional and citizen journalism creating online content for specialist groups and the community at large. Unearthed Fiction brings you fresh, quirky and unique voices from new emerging Australian writers. Get your fix of writers’ tips, stories, excerpts, inspiration, and lots more. Our TAT team unearths the very best for you.  If you are a short story writer, contact Unearthed for details about submitting your stories. 

Publishers Weekly Magazine

For news on the publishing industry, tips for self-published authors, in-depth author interviews, and reviews on the latest books, Publishers Weekly is a gateway for success for book-lovers and authors.  Available by subscription.

Vocal Tuition

Vocal Tuition provides the best Vocal Training in Sydney’s western suburbs. Vocal trainer Colleen Bleazard, with over 28 years of teaching experience, has enabled many to advance in their singing careers and interests. As well as training professional singers internationally, Colleen is experienced in teaching vocal maintenance and rehabilitation for damaged voices, and building confidence by developing good technique for the beginner and the adolescent voice. She has recorded six albums of varying styles, two installments in the vocal gym series (for both male and female voices), written two harmony development books, performed, filmed and produced numerous music videos, and has written a book for children called ‘Songs for Angus’ which includes a DVD of the story and a party pack.

As well as providing basic vocal training needs, Colleen offers guitar, keyboard, theory, Rockschool exams, and artistic development. Training ranges from the complete novice to grade exams, song writing, studio recording and filming production. Have a look around Vocal Tuition’s website to see all the services on offer.

Here is a video that was produced by Colleen and features me in the role of Mrs B (the lady in red and black). 


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