The Building Blocks of Creative Writing Continued

Here are some more building blocks for creative writing.

Climax – the turning point of a story

Conflict – a struggle between two opposing forces: person vs person, God/fate, society, nature.

Dialogue – Direct speech between characters in a literary work.

Falling action – the results or the effects of conflict in a story.

Flashback (or analepsis) – The introduction of material into the narrative that has happened earlier in the story. E.g. a character remembering an event or conversation from their past. (This technique can be used to include information that is outside the known storyworld in order to save narrative space).

Genre – a type or category that a literary work belongs to: romance/horror/science fiction.

Interior Monologue (Streams of consciousness) – a technique used to convey the thoughts and feelings of a character directly to the reader.

Rising action – the development of conflict and complications in a literary work.

Suspense (withholding information) – a technique that keeps the reader guessing what will happen next.

Theme – the underlying main idea behind a literary creative work.



Porter Abbott 2008, ‘Glossary and topical index’, The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative, Second Edition, Cambridge University Press, New York.