Digital Storytelling: Creative storytelling for the 21st century


I am probably a little ‘behind the eight ball’ here , but I have just stumbled upon the new buzz term in creative writing: digital storytelling. This cyberdised form of telling tales takes our unique method of human communication via storytelling to a whole new level. 

For those of you who are also still in the dark in regards to this narrative transformation, digital storytelling is the use of computerised or digital technologies to tell stories visually.  Digitalised technology has given storytellers an opportunity to bring a unique and fresh perspective to the traditional storytelling form.   It also provides unlimited opportunities for people all over the world to creatively share their personal stories.

This technological metamorphosis of the ancient art of storytelling can be used for educational purposes such as: digital e-learning in the classroom, or for entertainment – in video games and short films.  Digital storytellers now have access to a myriad of multi-media formats at their creative fingertips such as: video, photos, art, intertext narration and sound effects.  It also gives writers an opportunity to experiment with traditional storytelling techniques like non-linear and interactive narrative formats.

Authors can turn their 3D canvas into a virtual book where the audience is invited to immerse themselves into the story-world.  Digitalised story telling software provides a wide range of E-learning tools and resources for teachers and students like: Animoto, Bubblr, Generator, Comic Master.  And for creative entertainment enthusiasts – Photostory 3, Movie maker for windows, Imovie, and others.  For those who have entered into these virtual narrative worlds – reading a book will never be the same.

Digital storytelling also allows children and ‘writers-on-the go’ to create their own stories via apps on their iPhones and iPads.  And due to the instantaneous global sharing power of digital devices, the world of storytelling continues to expand and evolve. 

In this digital age, the creative possibilities for telling your story are indeed endless.



NEXT WEEK: Writing a story – Beginnings and Endings.






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