Book Reviews.

Clade is a provocative and confronting apocalyptic-style novel by awarding-winning Australian author, James Bradley.  The story centres on a climate scientist, Dr Adam Leith, and three generations of his family as they seek to navigate their way in a world that is experiencing the severe effects of catastrophic climate change.

The Secret Wish by Niki Burton is a beautiful illustrated picture book for primary school readers who are struggling to deal with their parent’s separation and divorce.

The View from Castle Rock by Canadian author Alice Munro, contains stories that blends fact and fiction, as well as the author’s personal memoirs, contained “… within the outline of a true narrative.”

Documentary Screenwriting.

SECRETS MY MOTHERS KEPT is a ten minute documentary that is based upon a woman’s journey to uncover the truth behind a family secret that was hidden for over fifty years.

 Short Stories.

The Tale of Ruthie and Grace is one of the short stories that is featured in the Tales for the Sisterhood collection, and is available in my free eBook. 

Film/Television Screenwriting.

Trafficked – A Short Film screenplay.

Trafficked tells the story of Rose, a repressed and disillusioned housewife, who after discovering a magic mirror, begins a quest to save her estranged sister, Lily, who has become a victim of ‘human trafficking’.

Housemates – A sitcom.

Housemates follow the everyday antics of four young women as they struggle to share a dilapidated house with only one bathroom, whilst also fending off a sleazy landlord who lives next door.


A collection of loglines for short films and feature films.

Micro Fiction

A collection of micro fiction narratives/


The poems that are featured on this site are from a poetry collection – Poems from the Precipice.




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