Screenwriting Loglines


As well as writing short stories and poetry, I also like writing screenplays.  Here are just a few examples of screenplay loglinesTrafficked is a short film screenplay. Aislynne is a short story and is currently being written into a feature film screenplay.

Logline no. 1

Genre – Historical/Fantasy


When a teenage misfit discovers an ancient wormhole at Stonehenge, she is trapped in a magical medieval kingdom, where she must battle a supernatural enemy in order to return home.

Logline no. 2


When a repressed housewife uncovers a magic mirror, she discovers that her estranged party-going sister has become a victim of human trafficking, and she risks her life to save her sister.

Logline no. 3

Genre – Science Fiction

The Deep

When a renegade group of treasure hunters begin a deep-sea exploration of a shipwreck, they are taken prisoner in a mysterious underwater city, which is ruled by a race of humanoid hybrids.

Logline no. 4

Genre – Psychological Thriller


When a young technological wiz, who works for an advanced robotics company, is forced to take part in a controversial experiment for a behaviour modification microchip, he begins to loose control of his mind.


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