This narrative poem is based on the amusing daily battle between my cat and the diligent yet annoying noisy Minor birds. Both animals are determined to rule the backyard domain.


Two brown birds dance upon the branches of a gnarled pepper tree.
Their beady gaze and their grim faces fixed on a rustle in the lush undergrowth.
Deep down and low in the green green grass – she prowls.
A skillful predator, with senses attuned to her hapless prey that cannot escape her gimlet eye.
From my amused vantage point – she pads silently bye. A lone soldier, she hunts alone.
Sharp tiger eyes that flash like a beacon. But her ebony coat allows for no camouflage.
She is a shadow revealed and betrayed by the noonday sun.
High above, the feathered folk cast a wary and bemused eagle eye.
This scheming minx registers as Enemy Beware!
As the birds shriek and rise into the freedom of the sky,
both enemies lay down talon and claw for another day.

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