Runaway Hero

Write a poem about an experience from the past that includes the following:
a person, animal, location, object… Allow each of these to inform the poem in ways that are both physical and emotional.  Runaway Hero draws upon my own experiences of bullying.  


On a desolate, dull day at high school,
I sit alone in the crowded quadrangle.
I am an outcast, an object of scorn. Solace is my only companion.
All around me friendly banter and bright laughter fill the air.
But like angry storm clouds that appear on blue sky, poisonous bitter words destroy the mood.

I shrink into the shadows as merciless jeering girls shoot their scornful taunts into my heart.
The wooden bench I cower upon creaks and groans – almost in sympathy to my plight.
I rummage in my overstuffed bag for a book. I hope to disappear, run away and hide.
But there is no escape, no safe place to flee.
The gleeful mob are hell-bent on my destruction surround me like a hive of angry bees.
Their barbs are like a sting of death.
I am their prey and can never be free.

But then like a dream a hero appears, dashing madly into the fray. Flying banners of black, brown, white and grey.
A familiar dappled body darts here and darts there, deftly winding his way among the aggressors.
The shapely hunter’s head weaves from side to side, his canny sense of smell – a tracking device.
Rallying to my rescue, he pauses motionless – ready for the war and the fight.
One ear cocked in earnest – he sniffs the wind. He senses a change in the air.

The lop-sided pirate’s patch provides a comical look.
Bright sunlight catches the mischievous gleam in his eye.
His mouth widens in a toothy grin as sees me –  his beloved target
so skilfully acquired.
With blinding speed, he flings his small body into the whirling melee – scattering girls and clambering upon my knee.
I smile as his wet slobbering kisses cover my face as I celebrate in the midst of the welcoming sounds of surrender and victory.


  1. The contrast between sad situation and rescue is great.
    I guess this can relate to both cat and dog lovers.
    Positive outcomes in any form is what we need in this desperately misguided world.

  2. Thanks, Brian,

    Whatever types of social issues there are in the world, may we always search for a positive way of dealing with them. I think that poetry is a very helpful creative therapy.

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