Seven Creative Ideas For Writing a Poem

Writing a poem, like a short story, can sometimes be a challenge. We can sit at the computer or with a blank sheet of paper in front of us and feel that we are fresh out of ideas. But never underestimate the creative mind. Just when you feel that you have drained the creative pool dry, an unusual idea can pop into our consciousness, and then we are off and running with an intriguing story or an inspiring poem. But if you feel that your creative muse has left the building and ideas have been a little stale lately, here are another seven creative ideas for writing a poem that will help you on your poetry journey.

Begin a poem with a serious predicament. It could involve people, animals, the law, or a combination of things. Try to resolve the situation in no more than 10 lines.

Write a poem of rage or protest. It could be based on how you really feel about something or someone, or it could be complete fiction. Let your emotions flow through the poem.

Make a list of four or five everyday objects. It could be a shell you have found on a beach, a feather, an iPhone. Give each of these objects emotional qualities. Describe them as if they were alive, and had feelings.

Write a poem in the form of a letter. It can be rhymed or in free verse. It can be to someone you know, or a stranger. Or write a letter to yourself.

Write a poem about an experience from the past that includes the following:
person, animal, location, object. Allow each of these to inform the poem in ways that are both physical and emotional.

Poems are like lyrical accidents just waiting to happen. You could be at home listening to music, watching television, out shopping or walking in the park. A poem can be inspired by almost anything. Start with whatever comes to mind, and develop the poem from that spontaneous place.

Write a poem in the voice of another – like a monologue.

There are no hard and fast rules about writing poetry, but sometimes trying something a little bit different like these seven creative writing ideas for writing a poem can help you to push past any blockages to your creativity. 

Happy Writing!



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