Tales for the Sisterhood: a collection of short stories








Tales for the Sisterhood: A Collection of Short Stories Book Cover Tales for the Sisterhood: A Collection of Short Stories
Volume 1
Diana Jane Heath
Contemporary Fiction
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
March 2016
Paperback and eBook
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

A young woman waiting for love to find her. A college student who accepts a strange research position in her uncle's medical practice. A woman abandoned in the Australian outback struggling to make a living. These are the sorts of characters you'll meet as you dive into the world of Tales for the Sisterhood – a powerful collection by Australian author Diana Jane Heath

Drawn from Diana Jane Heath’s vivid imagination—apart from  “Just in the Nick of Time,” which is based partly on actual events—the varied narratives in this collection are united by their collective ability to inspire and empower women facing the myriad challenges of modern life.

Peppered with surprise plot twists, unexpected endings, and important truths about the reality of social injustice in the world,

Tales for the Sisterhood is not for the faint of heart. Graphic scenes and mature themes help illuminate difficult issues and rise awareness about some of the challenges and dangers faced by women around the world.

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  1. Hey I read your book !
    Was cool !

    Some great eerie and creepy mini tales. I’m looking forward to a full on novel. By the end I had started to get to know your style and I wanted to read more.


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