The Traveller


The Traveller is a poem about the bittersweet journey of the creative writer


The weary wanderer traverses a desolate road
that stretches out before him like a lazy brown snake slithering away into the distance.
His eager eyes are forever fixed on the shimmering haze that
always dances just
out of reach
at an undetermined vanishing point.
Like a mirage the haze mercilessly goads and beckons him to reach his final destination-
a satisfying end to his storytelling journey,
an eternal rest from those fulfilled aspirations.
But like so many creative journeys, one will end and another will begin-
and so
the cycle continues

With narrative talent as his portion and storytelling his goal, he trudges on,
always striving to live a life worthy of his indefinable but insistent calling.
Before he passes into the shadowy twilight, he must continue to walk that lonely road and spend his waking hours skilfully transforming the bare bones of his thoughts into inspiring and magical ideas that will
the world.

The evolving dreams that stream from his soul and the characters who haunt him demand to be given birth out of the chrysalis of his limitless imagination.

Although he is admired and esteemed for his literary ambitions and unfathomable creations,
he stands apart from the world, sometimes friendless and companion-less, destined to remain a mysterious figure, a creator of infant worlds who captivates his audience; who like unfaithful partners temporarily engage his affections, praise his godlike status, and then once satisfied, will seek out
new entertainment,
and a new altar
at which to worship.

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