To Live: An Inspirational Poem


Born into this world kicking and screaming, by no will of my own,

I am brutally thrust into the complexities that define the hardship of human existence.

As I grow and leave the security of the familial, my path divulges depending on choices

made: for better or for worse.

The mysteries of life envelop me as I walk along a path that has no bend or turning point.

I shuffle along through a crazy world I do not understand, a life that seemingly has no purpose.

Misunderstood and misplaced, I am sure I belong to another far superior world.

But, as I take my eyes from the path before me and fix my gaze on the Creator who designed me in secret, a flicker of revelation burns brightly: maybe my life amongst all the randomness and meaninglessness really does have a purpose, and is filled

with divinely appointed opportunities.

And when I finally shake off this earthly shroud, I will rise unfettered, with the satisfaction of having left behind

something beautiful, something good and eternal that cannot be

destroyed or stolen – a sparkling gem of inspiration that will live on

in the human heart.