Is the Paperbacked Book Teetering on the Brink of Extinction?

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For my first blog, I would like to deviate away a little from the world of creative writing and begin by chatting about an everyday item that is very close to my heart – the humble paperbacked book. In an age dominated by iPads and eBook readers, I ask the warranted question - Is the paperbacked book teetering on the brink of extinction?  What is the future for the paperbacked book in a rapidly evolving digital world?

Technological convergence promises a great read at the push of a button.  It promises to gratify our ever-growing need for the fast-food lifestyle - desires fulfilled and served on demand. 

We do not need to stand for hours in the subterranean caverns of the library, endlessly searching for that elusive book, that someone has either not returned or has been misplaced on another library shelf, in another universe! 

No more standing in queues or having to return that beloved book in one month.  There is no need to go hunting through countless bookstores and then end up disappointed when the last copy of that 'New Release' has been taken.  All of this is now rapidly disappearing due to the relentless march of technology. 

As an experienced consumer of culture, we can choose to access a book via an App that will become part of our media entourage.  Although I am becoming a fan of this marvelous technophilic age, deep down in my ink-covered heart, I am still a dedicated lover of paperbacked books.

You may think me strange, but there is something special about the smell of the paper, the feel of the crispness between my fingers, as I voraciously flick through to the Contents page to see what is on offer.  I feel an almost primal need whilst hunting for my favorite novel in the Library and when I have finally snared my prize, I can hide in a corner and savor the peace and solitude and read for hours. 

My search for the latest novel through countless bookstores is like a quest.  You may be reading this and thinking, what on earth is she going on about?? It's the 21st century; everyone downloads their books from a digital device.  Don't they?  Well, my friend, you have inadvertently stumbled across the confessions of (dare I say) an old fashioned 'bookaholic'.  But, if you are an old fashioned 'bookaholic' too, then we are definitely on the same page. 🙂

It may seem that those bright and shiny portable electronic devices are threatening to overtake the traditional book format, but there are advantages to this rampant digitalization.  If you are sight-challenged, digital media offers super-sized font and backlit screens.  You can download multiple books, which will never be in danger of being written on or damaged unless you drop your e-Reader in water!

But ultimately my vote will still be for the humble paperbacked book.  Within its pages, you can immerse yourself in a rip-roaring adventure with your favorite hero or a romantic tearjerker without being distracted by an email popping up in the background and demanding an answer.  And of course, paper is easier on the eyes in the long term.  So I end this biblio rant by saying - I hope that the paperbacked book never loses its appeal and that it will continue to be a viable form for many generations to come



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